Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy

Foreclosure & Sheriff's Sale

Are you worried about a foreclosure on your home? Having a place to live is a necessity of life. Bankruptcy may provide immediate protection from mortgage companies, helping you stay in your home. Is your home already scheduled for sheriff's sale? It might not be too late! Call us today for a consultation.  

Vehicles & Repossession

Are you behind on your vehicle loan or in danger of repossession? A Chapter 13 stops repossessions and in some cases, even reduces the amount you owe and the interest rate of the loan.  Best of all, this means you can keep your car! Have a boat, RV, or ATV? No worries, there's options for you too.

Payday Loans, Credit Cards, Medical Bills, & Harassing Creditors

Payday loans can lead you down an endless road of high interest, and what seems to be a never reducing balance. Stop borrowing from Peter to pay Paul! Bankruptcy can eliminate payday loans and stop creditor's harassing phone calls and collections attempts. 

Judgments & Wage Garnishments

Are you being sued or currently having your wages garnished? Bankruptcy can help in both circumstances. The "Automatic Stay" can put a stop to wage garnishments and discharge the debt from your judgment. However, it's best to file before the suit ever becomes a judgment. *If a judgment has been signed against you, there will be additional services needed to cancel the judgment.

Student Loans

Unfortunately, student loans are non-dischargeable in a bankruptcy. However, ask us how we can help you with relief from your student loan payments during the bankruptcy. 


Taxes are addressed differently depending on how old the tax debt is, and if the returns were timely filed. We can discuss in more detail the best way to address your individual tax issues in a free consultation.